NAON Conference

Life is good. On the plane headed to Boston with a bloody mary, the new Hoobastank album on the iPod and well, yeah. Did I mention the bloody mary?

Hey, you gotta love an album that starts of with the Drill Sergeant from “Full Metal Jacket.” I am keen on this song “Born to Lead.” Nice.

I am actually headed out for the annual conference for the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses. The conference should be good, and I am going with a large group from my place of employment. This may be bad. They know I am a bit different, but this may be when they find out what a freak I really am.

Oh well.

Anyone have suggestions about where to go in Boston? I should have asked this earlier. I am pretty good with quite a few big cities (Philadelphia, Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego) but this will be an interesting few days.

Hell, better yet, anyone out there in Boston? I may need to be rescued!!! I will buy the beer.

Travel is going to be the way of things for the next few weeks. Doing both Boston and Chicago between now and Memorial Day.

UPDATE: Not only did I get a towel for Nurse’s Week, I also got a marvelous silver shiny insulated lunch bag with the hospital logo for Healthcare Week. Now I can officially be an advertisement for the hospital.