Home to the East Coast

This post was actually written almost three weeks ago. Unfortunately, with lack of “secure” internet access, the next few posts are a bit dated. Gotta love living in WWII barracks.

Yesterday found me bobble-head bouncing over the river and through the woods to Philly in my Jeep Wrangler. Mom always says that the price of beauty is pain (high heels, corsets, etc.) so driving 500 miles with the soft-top on the Jeep seemed a fitting sacrifice for the “Chicks in Jeeps” cool factor. So what if I can’t hear from the loud road noise…Chris and I look DAMN cool.

And that cool factor is very important out here at Fort Dix. I forgot what it was like to be fresh meat on a military installation. How quickly it all comes back.

The two-chick road trip was up in the air until last week Wednesday when our orders came down for a 2 week school here at Fort Dix. wOOt! Here is to not spending my ‘two weeks a year’ out in the Georgia sun, sleeping on a cot, in a tent with various Majors judging my every move. Although those Army field problems are good feeder for the ‘no shit, there I was’ type of story, I don’t believe anything could trump last summer.

So, the adventure expands to good ol’ New Jersey. Spent a bit of time shopping in Philly, mainly so I could pick up my dose of UPenn swag. Although was the first University in the U.S., finding sweatshirts and golf towels with the Penn logo is a challenge in Big 10 country. [No, NOT Penn State! University of Pennsylvania…you know…Ivy League?]

Damn how I have missed Philadelphia. Chris had never been to the City of Brotherly Love so showing her a bit of the city was awesome. Stopped in for my Philly cheese steak from Ed’s Pizza and Buffalo Wings. The crew still remembered me. wipes tear Damn it is always good to go home.

The best part was kibitzing with my girl Maya. She is finishing up the Adult Acute Care NP program in August. She has hit the level of burn out that I ran into right before the last semester. Maya is one of the ones to watch in the field of Nursing. The girl is 24 and dialed in like it is nobody’s business. There is just something about being at the “Happy HUP” (nickname for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) with the likes of Dr. Barbara Todd and Dr. Sarah Kagan. I need to go back and take advantage of being Alum.

I needed that conversation with her. It has made me realize that I must surround myself with higher caliber of nursing professionals. I had a coach once tell me that, “you play like you practice.” I need to expect more from not only myself, but my peers as well.

There is a legacy to uphold, an expectation to fulfill.