Different Perspective

I left home in December of 1995. In 8th grade I told my guidance counselor that I was going to move away from Michigan as soon as I could. People here never leave. They never experience life.

March of this year, 2006, it was suggested that I go pick up a Kid Rock CD and listen to the song ‘You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me.’

“But I’m Michigan boy can you feel that

And I’m home

You never met a motherfucker quite like me”

Okay, so this short example of the lyrics don’t quite capture the overall feel of Kid Rock or his pride at being from Michigan (or the USA), but it got me thinking.

This is the only state that when someone asks “where do you live” that you can pull a hand out of your pocket, put your fingers together like a mitten, and point (quite accurately) to the area you live, mapped out on your palm.

Madonna, Eminem, Kid Rock, Motown, The Redwings, the Pistons, the Lions and the Tigers. The UAW, the automotive industry, the Great Lakes, President Ford and Big Ten rivalries.

There are lots of things that we lack. Detroit is a rough place. Our state economy sucks. Cost of living isn’t bad though.

But, there are more golf courses per capita than almost every other state in the country. (My mom is one of the VERY few female Golf Course general managers in the state.) You are never more than 3 miles from a major body of water (lake, river, etc.). We have amazing secondary education available.

Moving home as an adult who has lived on both coast and in the middle, I am finding the beauty in Michigan.

I think my Los Angeles born and raised husband is as well.

Just don’t tell him I told you that…

(Hey Gideon…I drove down 8 Mile Road today)

  1. If I’m not misstaken you have the greatest number of lighthouses in the country too.

  2. If I’m not misstaken you have the greatest number of lighthouses in the country too.

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