Another example of the “Sexed Up Nurse” Part III

Jennifer (see last post) actually sent me a great example of yet another sexed up nurse.


How did I miss this one? Apparently this drew so much negative mail that Sketchers withdrew the ad. My biggest complaint is that they used Christina Aguilera. Yeesh.

The blog Peeling Wallpaper posted quite a humorous bit from a quote taken from the web site of the Center for Nursing Advocacy which was strongly against the ad.

The image of Christina Aguilera (who is, to say the least, closely associated with public sexuality) holding a gleaming silver syringe/vibrator, wearing a sultry look, a nurse’s cap with red cross, a white “nurse’s” mini-dress that fails to conceal much of her breasts, her red heart-patterned white bra, her near-fully visible garter belt which runs down to her white stockings and white dominatrix boots…

What Peeling Wallpaper didn’t discuss was the strange links off of the Center for Nursing Advocacy’s website. These links included, not only a HUGE blown up, high resolution version of the ad, but also a link to CherryFlava’s blog discussing how ‘super HOT’ the ads are.

Strange things to include in a professional rant which was attempting to get the ad pulled.

Fortunately, the Center for Nursing Advocacy is also fighting things like the piece from the ‘Today Show’ which implied that walk in clinics staffed by Nurse Practitioners were putting patients’ health at risk.

Portray me and my profession any sexual way you would like, just DO NOT imply that my work is shoddy or that I put patients at risk. Let me just tell you about how many patient scenarios I have kept from becoming misses or near misses. NPs and MDs both have a place in healthcare.

(thanks to Jen at and Peeling Wallpaper)