The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: Grand Rounds 211

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: Grand Rounds 211:

Grand Rounds are up and I am, once again late on the draw. I really need to keep up better.

Welcome to Grand Rounds, the weekly highlight show of medical blogging. You will be inspired, discouraged, and enlightened by these unique pieces as contributed this week by doctors, nurses, patients, and healthcare professionals who’ve got something to say.

I borrowed a few Norman Rockwells. He captured much of the essense of medicine through his paintings. They donned the covers of the weekly Saturday Evening Post, a compilation of current events, well-written fiction, human-interest, humorous and poetic pieces, and editorials.

Is Grand Rounds, still in its infancy, becoming the contemporary weekly portrait of medicine?

I think so:

Each time one of his ‘kids at work’ dies, Paeds RN writes them a goodbye letter. Beautiful and touching, here’s the lastest.

Ever get tired of criminals pleading insanity? Get ready for sexsomnia war

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