October was busy. VERY busy. I am just now coming up for air. I have a ton to update on the struggles of creating an NP program in my hospital. I also am looking at some transitional things professionally for myself.

Please keep your fingers crossed:

There is a flight nurse job opening at my hospital.

For those of you up on emergency medicine, you know that these positions open up about every 10 years meaning that someone either has retired, or met an untimely end, etc.

After being a flight medic in the Army, everything I have done has been with the intention of flying again. I have missed it like nothing I can explain. This may be my only shot for the next decade. Hopefully the past six years will pay off. I will keep you posted.

If the stars are indeed aligned, I think this blog will benefit. I feel like my internal thinking and drive for this has been lacking, kind of like my current professional position. I HATE med-surg. I HATE not doing what NPs are trained to do. I love my patients, however. I also love working with so many nurses. Unfortunately, I know that this is NOT where I need to be.

Boy is my boss going to be pissed.

Funny, I am having a hard time caring………I need to be in the air.

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