How to keep a NerdGirl happy? Buy her a Mac of course!


Wow, I have been attempting to catch up on my blog reading and have decided that I am just WAY too behind! Where have the past few weeks gone?

This weekend I have spent much time on reorganizing and re-prioritizing my life. I have spent long conversations with Patrick about what we will be doing when he gets home (be back from Iraq on 13 September!), walking my dog to exhaustion, and breaking in my new computer (sorry dad, bought a Mac!).

Quite some time ago I wrote a post about my new iPod. That was just the foreplay (the iPod, not the post). I now have Patrick’s almost life size face staring back at me from a 2GHz, 20″ iMac G5…and man does this baby purr. Everyone around is already sick to death of hearing me gush about this computer, but WoW do I love this thing! All I had to do was pull it out of the box, put batteries in the BlueTooth mouse and keyboard, plug ONE plug into anything (the wall to be specific) and push the power button!

You all know that with me being the nerd that I am, there are indeed other things that had to be plugged in eventually. The iSight webcam that I HAD to have? Yeah, plugged it into the firewire port and waaaaalllla, no software to install, no adjustments to be made. The bastard worked. Canon digital Elph? Worked. Sony Handycam? No problem. iPod? Duh. The most difficult part of that was figuring out which program to use to import the songs (iPod to Mac), oh and how to use the Mac operating system. I won’t fib, it did take me a few hours to flush my PC habits, but I am getting over them. It is kind of like walking through your house in the dark after someone has moved all of the furniture around without you knowing. A bit annoying at first, but you get it eventually.

How did I move all of my files over? Why by using the iPod as a hard drive of course! Took all of 30 minutes to download and move 10 gig of information.

Wireless Internet connection? It did all of the looking for me. Gave me two choices, my existing wireless network, or the option to manually look for one. Beeeeaaaauuuutiful!

The part I was dreading? Syncing up my new Treo 650 which is a grand total of about 2 weeks old. Every time I have messed with a new handheld to either switch over or back them up, something just doesn’t work right. I actually caught myself holding my breath as the file transfer was happening because I was waiting for the first of the inevitable freezes/reboots to happen. I started to turn blue. It never happened. Did I mention that the BlueTooth connection was even easier to establish successfully?

Damn, this isn’t your mamma’s Macintosh.

Oh yeah, posting from MarsEdit which is part of NetNewsWire (news feed aggregator). Unfortunately my beloved FeedDemon has no Mac version. I am sorry to see it go, but I never could get the MovableType posting option working.

This is me grinning from ear to ear.

I won’t tell you about the videos I have filmed, edited and posted…..

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