18th Hole


The past 3 weeks have been busy. Two of my sisters got married, my mom turned 50 (and had the surprise party to go with it) and my nephew turned 2. Needless to say, I am ready for a break from parties and receptions.

The cool thing about finally living at home is that I no longer have to miss these events. The hard part is remembering them all.

We had Joey’s birthday party at the country club tonight (not as snobby as it sounds…my mom is general manager and to see her during golf season we have EVERYTHING at the cc). And yes, the 2 year old got his own golf clubs to include bag/water bottle/club cover. I actually think he has done more golfing on the course than I have, and I live on the 5th hole.

The photos? Yeah, those are to PROVE that I have actually golfed there. Just ignore the flip-flops.

Good enough Professor Gideon?


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