Why I am an Army Nurse

I would like to thank Blackfive for recognizing nurses in his post from 1 July. This article expresses why I am an Army Nurse.

Nurses Week Tribute: Grace Under Fire.”

“Difficult experiences teach us many lessons, but some leave us with only more questions. When we wrestle with ethical dilemmas, we’re rarely rewarded with hard and fast rules that can guide us in the future.

But one image that will stay with us forever is the American flag. We’re used to seeing the flag flying over schools and businesses and even at football games. Now when we see it on the sleeve of a wounded soldier or gently draped over a coffin, it has a deeper meaning. To us, the American flag symbolizes freedom and sacrifice. But most important, it reminds us of hope and of home, where all of our American patients will someday return.”

I am having a difficult night tonight boys. What do you say to officers’ call at the usual place? I’ll bring the gatorade.