Patrick and I in Chicago

After an absence, coming back to my blog feels like coming home.

The past few weeks has found me in Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I have also turned 30.

We filled Patrick’s short time home from Iraq with tickets upon tickets:

Chicago—Amtrak tickets, U2: Vertigo concert tickets and tickets to Body Worlds.

Las Vegas—Plane tickets, Cirque du Soleil tickets (O, Zumanity, & Ka) and Penn & Teller tickets.

Los Angeles—Plane tickets (and TONS of shopping).

Although I miss him desperately, the little solace I have is in getting back into my routine. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to do much of anything until I have a clean house, and now, yes, a mowed lawn.

My first attempt at cutting the grass in our very contoured yard was an adventure. I have driven Ambulances in down town LA, a HMMWV and a tank at different times during a mock battle while in the Army, but the lawn mower was a bit of a challenge.

Mom proudly mentioned this feat to my father who quickly asked, “And did she mow a pattern into the grass?” (Like the infield of a baseball diamond.) After hearing my mom chuckle a “No,” he asked, “Where is her pride?”

My answer? “Of course I did. It is called Chaos!”

At least the neighbors won’t complain about the grass being too long.

I have lots of comments to discuss about the adventures Patrick and I went on, but for now I would like to just mention how happy I am to be back.