crzegrl’s collection: MedGadget Style

In order to expedite my thoughts on the posts I have flagged over the past few months, I am going to attempt to do it by originating blog.

First blog?


This collection of up and coming medical technologies is fast and furious. Below is a summary of the posts I found particularly interesting.

ClearRX Pill Bottle:
About time someone thought outside the box enough to redesign the traditional pill bottle. Interesting that a day or two after this was posted on MedGadget the MSM (main stream media) caught up.

Army Develops Improved Tourniquet
I can’t tell you the number of hours I spent on active duty in the Army both learning and teaching how to apply a proper tourniquet, old school. Crevats, sticks and a good knot will do it to. Don’t forget to mark the forehead with a big ‘T’ and the time applied.

The Scheker Prosthesis
Rock on Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY! Never would guess that they have the distinction of implanting the second AbioCor Heart and the World’s first successful hand transplant.. Webcasts
For those interested in live broadcasts of surgeries. Very cool…

Medevacs On The Move “Flying medgadgets”
Loved it that the Army Black Hawk MEDEVAC aircraft is recognized….Dustoff!

EpiFLO Transdermal Oxygen Delivery System
I have seen some baaaaad wounds on the ortho-trauma service. This is very interesting.

Computerized Physician-Order Entry Systems and Medication Errors
Did my Senior paper at UPenn on the ‘reduction of medication errors through the use of computerized provider order entry.’ Imagine my surprise to see this post!

The HealthWear System for Weight Management
The nerd girl that I am could live to get my hands on this little baby, if nothing but for the sake of curiosity.

Speaking of Nerd Girl:
Hands-On: ER Reviewed
Computer game for the ER Provider wannabe!

‘Revenge of the Blog People!’
Not the usual MedGadget post, but one that is a very interesting read.

“We–highly educated, intelligent and good looking doctors–take these insults from the president-elect of the American Library Association, Mr. Michael Gorman, very very seriously:”

Cedara announces OrthoWorks and ImageSnap
It is strange to see the ortho interns and residents running around with those funny looking rulers in their lab coat pockets.

DOD accomodating recently wounded vets
Glad to see another example of Vets being given access to as much as possible after life altering injuries. We owe them as much as we can possibly give. (my .02)

BRAVA breast enhancement
PLEASE, anyone tell me if they have actually seen this work!

‘Alcokey’ Breathalyser by SAAB
Know a Black Hawk pilot that used to keep a portable breathalyser in his glove box. See R? Had ya just taken it a step further you would be pounding MUCH different sand right now!

Eros Therapy
Saw a very similar gadget at a Pure Romance Party called the ‘Pump It Up’ Only $20 and no prescription required!

Regional Anesthesia in the Field
This is yet another link regarding the military’s cutting edge use of regional pain control in the field. See my post on pain control from two weeks ago.

The Odorscreen
We can all think of times where this would have been extremely useful!

Electronic system for prescriptions sought
For some reason, I really like the fact that big, powerful companies are putting their foot down and demanding better health care.

“The Human Body Revealed” at the National Museum of Health and Medicine
Wow. wow. This immediately made me think about Body Worlds, an exhibit that has shown around the world and now has been expanded to a second traveling exhibit. The original is currently showing that the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL. Body Worlds 2 is at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, OH.

SAM Pelvic Sling
Wish I had these when I was flying. Sure beats the pants off of using MAST trousers or a bed sheet.

SanDisk + MedKey = New MedChip
SanDisk: A waterproof USB drive for patient records
Fireball KeyPoint Crypto Mobile Storage
No more ‘John/Jane Trauma’ patients with unknown medical histories. No more guessing about the medical history of a soldier on the battle field. I gotta get me one of these…but would the ED have any clue how to access it?????