Boards Passed, Army Calls

Thanks to everyone who suffered through my long standing comments, fears and panic attacks about my boards. Yes indeed, I did pass, much to the glee of my boss. It is very strange to realize that there is an Emerald City at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. (I will stop here with the W of O analogy which could go on for quite some time.)

What now? I am blogging from a Marriott in downtown Detroit contemplating my early wake up call for, you guessed it, class tomorrow! Fortunately, this one is paid for (mostly) by work and is, yes kids, a TRAUMA course! Getting back to my roots I am. Amazing that it took me 4+ years of school (after my army days), 100K dollars in school loans and I am right back where I started…well, almost. Damn I have missed this.

Oh, the Army part of the title…

Yes, after 2.5 years, they have finally gotten my orders straight and I actually have to drill this weekend. Hopefully I will remember how to salute and polish my boots. This should make for an interesting entry, eh?

With that pathetic catch up, I will end here.

Good Night!