Speaking of Neal Stephenson

Reason: Neal Stephenson’s Past, Present, and Future: The author of the widely praised Baroque Cycle on science, markets, and post-9/11 America

Patrick got me hooked on Neal Stephenson. I am constantly in awe of his blunt, ‘quit analyzing my work and just freekin’ enjoy it,’ attitude. This is not only evident in interviews like this one, but was a recurrent theme during a book signing in Philly that we attended.

I read because I like the story. If I learn something along the way, then great. Picture me sitting in a Science Fiction class at the University of Pennsylvania surrounded by the the biggest type A nerds you can possibly imagine. How many ways can you analyze “The Time Machine?” or “War of the Worlds?” Enough to ruin the books.

Thanks Mr. Stephenson for reinforcing my belief that a novel should be read for the pleasure of reading a novel.

Curtsy to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for the link.