I have spent the past few weeks looking more to the blogosphere. I want to maintain my blog, but it always seems as though I have things to say…when I am away from my computer. My better half spends hours upon hours scrolling through a seemingly endless list of blogs that he reads, analyzes and engrosses himself in. What have I been missing? It is as though my thoughts are my own and just that. My own. I have felt flat and without purpose to my musings. In the past, my perusal of blogs has equaled fleeting moments reading something he has suggested, knowing that the sites would be there when I had time.

Guess what. I now have time.

Last Thursday I finally had surgery on my right lower extremity to hopefully fix a chronic pain issue that I have lived with for the past 9 years. That meant my endless days of running all over hell and creation abruptly halted. I have been perched on my huge bed, with my stack of pillows, grateful for my wireless internet access and my laptop.

Being a nurse, I was THREATENED by the nursing and medical staff about being completely non-weight-bearing for the first two weeks. Yes, I do make the WORST patient when it comes to compliance. I swore to Patrick that I would pay attention and do what I was told. I will be damned if walking on crutches isn’t the worst thing when I feel absolutely fine. (I really am trying to be good!)

So, with the wonderful discovery of a program called FeedDemon, I am realizing what has been missing and why this site has sat idle for too long. There was no connection. The connection between my thoughts and need to write isn’t plugged into the greater ebb and flow of true existence.

I need to find my purpose, my color, my reason.

There are good blogs, and bad blogs. Some are therapeutic for just the author, some for unknown masses of readers.

My niche exists.

I know it exists.

I just need to create it.