Catch Up

Okay, here is a brief synopsis for anyone who cares: Please read on!

Patrick is still in Iraq and will be coming home in January sometime. He is doing well but is understandably bored. He has been on my case a bit to get back into writing and my websites, so HERE IT IS! (j/k)

Alright, the main shocker? I am staying in Michigan for now. I have gotten a dog (named Lucy), we are buying a house (close on the 12th of Nov?more on that later), and I am looking for a job.

I have 2 exams left before I am done taking tests!!!! For now at least. I have passed the CEN, the CFRN and now the CCRN is on Monday. If you aren?t familiar with these, they are not important, just really fuckin? hard. I will be taking my NP exam sometime after I pay for the damn thing.

What else have I been up to?.hmmm?.let?s see. Oh, yeah, reloading all the crap onto my computer and my Kleo. Yes folks, the techno nerd girl lost everything all in a span of about 2 days. Fortunately, the people at I.T. Technique in Lake Odessa, MI saved my ass, and my sanity. Thanks guys!

Okay, the last shocker? I got my hair whacked. I still feel like I look like a little girl, but it is a good thing. Fortunately, Patrick likes it, and I guess I do too. Not quite the Porn-Star look anymore, but still sexy. (sorry Russ!)

Alright, I am off to review Pulmonology. Is anyone interested?