In the middle of Hurricane Charley

It never fails, every time I take a trip, the weather is shitty. This trip, however, is the ultimate.

Oh weather gods, what, oh what have I done to piss you off so??

Oh, yeah, I am in Orlando and Hurricane Charley is starting to roll through. Brilliant me is on the 15th floor watching it come. The winds have been as much as 145 mph. I don’t believe they are quite that bad here, but it is amazing to think that on one of my last skydives, my average fall rate was right around 135 mph. Puts the storm in perspective.

The hotel still has power, obviously, but we are definately rockin’. The sliding glass door is whistling and there is a draft down the ventilation system. The palm trees are getting whipped. I just peaked out through the curtains and the whole window shook. Maybe I shouldn’t be so curious. The red portion of the storm on radar (per the local news channel) is still south of Orlando. I suppose that means that the worst is to come. I generally give a giant piss off to stuff like this, but my room has a floor to ceiling window/sliding glass door along the whole thing. Moving to the other side of the bed, at least, might be a better idea. At least I am not as stupid as the people still driving in this mess. All I have to say is Darwin Awards.

The things I do for fun.

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