Pa12ick off to feed Heros

BLACKFIVE: Showdown Part 8 – Uncommon Valor as a Common Virtue

Well, Pa12ick (my better half) will be off as of Thursday for Fallujah as a civilian contractor. Although his days in the Army were limited, he just couldn’t stay away. Reading posts like these from Blackfive kept pulling him back to serve in some capacity. Now, he will be supervising distribution of chow for 1/3 of the Coalition Forces. Funny that he beat 2LT Nurse Crazygirl over there. Now, I will be the one staying home counting the days until my love returns…..or I will get antsy and meet him there…..

Until then, he will hopefully have Internet access. He is armed with a digital camera and has a blog in his name. I will post a link when he has the chance to write.

I am so proud of him my heart hurts.