oh my gawd, iPod!

Okay, it is no secret that I am a techno-gadget geek, but I must say that the iPod I bought today is wowing even me!


Okay, so the story goes that I drink WAY TOO MUCH Diet Pepsi. They just happen to be giving away free songs from iTune.com which is part of the Macintosh iPod family. I have tried the new Napster and haven’t been impressed. Not only was the iTune web site super easy to use, (and I had 7 free songs) but the software they give you for free rocks (no pun intended!). I have tried messing with my music a bit and this has been a breeze.

Oh yeah, and the iPod is just as easy to use. You drop a CD into your drive, drag it into the library icon, it automatically loads from the CD to the PC to the iPod. Everything is sorted by artist, album and any other way you want it to be.

I don’t think I will EVER buy another CD.

Jo, you were so right. This gadget was worth every penny, and I wish I would have bought the 40 gig version!