Yet another “great” PR article for the U.S. Army

MSNBC – Misdiagnosed Green Beret demoted

This story is still pissing me off. I am revisiting it personally after a very brutal (long) lecture on neurovascular infections.

First, the country’s panic over Mad Cow disease ranks up there with the Flesh Eating Bacteria for irresponsible sensationalism of the facts by the media. For those of you who don’t know CJD, which this soldier was diagnosed with, it is in the same categoryish as “mad cow disease.”

So, with my rambling, I am covering two pet peeves, the Army’s lack of sensitivity, and the media’s scare tactics when it comes to medical issues such as this.

The Army spends millions and billions of dollars for equipment and technology. They need to take care of this soldier, and I hope that they are.

This is the quote that pisses me off the most.

Alford’s parents say Special Forces staff told them that a doctor in Kuwait found nothing wrong with him and that a psychiatrist there had said Alford was “faking it.”

In the medical field there is a saying, “when you hear hoof beats look for horses, not zebras,” meaning that the common diagnosis is probably the most likely. This soldier fell through the cracks. Not only that, but he fell victim to the common if you can’t keep up you are a piece of shit mentality that the military breeds. I must digress on this point. If you can’t keep up you WILL GET SOMEONE KILLED, but damn! If a previously stellar performer starts to slack look deeper!

As a medical professional, my heart goes out to his family as this diagnosis is a death sentence but only after a prolonged torturous illness.

As a soldier, I hope I never fall though the cracks.

As for the media…all I can do is turn off the news.