e-mail From Mom

Some mothers get mad when you forget to call…not my mom! Here is what she wrote in a recent email…she knows me all too well!

Dear Emilina Carolina,

I still have not heard from you. I know the army could not have possibly devoured you. I know you didn’t meet up with a band of renegades and run off. I know you couldn’t possibly have found a diving spot in Texas. Hmmmm… maybe you took off in a hot air balloon and are trying to go around the world in 79 days? Maybe you are 19,000 leagues under the sea? Maybe you are busy thinking of 51 ways to leave your lover or on a 2004 space odyssey. Are you looking for the 4th coin in the fountain, the 6th golden ring? Are you the 10th lady dancing or are you trying to stop the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed?! OH…..MY….GOSH!!! What was I thinking?? I just figured it out!! You are drinking the 99 bottles of beer on the wall! And that…….is why you haven’t emailed your mother!!

Love, a hug, and a kiss. Xxoo