Day One Back at Fort Sam

Well, I am writing to you from a BOQ at Fort Sam Houston. I almost panicked when I realized that I have no cell service here (Nextel sucks) and was almost in a greater panic when I thought I would have no Internet Access. I am truly a nerd.

Fortunately, I at least have a 56K hook up. Not quite high speed, but it is free…..and I cannot complain about that. I will save that for the complaints of BORDUM I am about to embark on.

I was actually a bit nervous about coming down here. It has been four and a half years since I have had a uniform on. It has been seven years since being stationed here. It is very strange to be back where my training began as a medic and not be yelled at about something! I actually spent time tonight convincing a few people that they were using scare tactics in the briefing to keep people from blowing this course off. They were almost all becoming so nervous you could cut it with a knife. Fortunately for me, I had EFMB pounded into my head (oh, and am one of the VERY FEW prior service with anything to show for it….). It will make this course fairly easy. I just hope I don’t get into trouble for smacking some know it all in the back of the head (which I almost did tonight.)

Overall, I think this will be a good trip. If nothing else, I will spend some time down on the River Walk and hopefully catch up with SFC Rod. As much as I have not missed lugging around my Pro-mask, I have really missed this.

As I am really tired, this may not be coherent. I will instead, beg forgiveness and promise to send an update tomorrow.