Female officers cross frontier in Iraq

Wow, and I thought being a female in a combat arms unit (attached) was treading on new ground. Link

  1. Ok Em, first of all, you have WAY too much time on your hands. Second, you know the fat guy in the picture of the article is staring at the tight teenager’s ass while she’s toting around the AK, secretly knowing that he took all of the ammo out of the clip and is just waiting for something to happen to the girl just so he can see the look on her face when she aims to fire and all she hear’s is “click” preceded by massive amounts of incoming fire. As she’s riddled with rounds, he will just shrug and say “Too bad she wasn’t my ex-wife”. Ok, that is the only thought I had on that one. I might take some time tomorrow and actually read the article. Blue Skies.

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