Happy New Year!

Just thought I would do the manditory New Year entry along with all of the other ones I have completed today.

Most of the time, the new beginnings associated with 1 January don’t excite me much. This year, however, I have much that I am excited about.

Out of all of them, graduating has got to be #1 on the list. The countdown is at 7 months right now!

#2 is seeing my friends return home from overseas.

#3 is my trip to Costa Rica with my sister Andrea, our parents and Patrick…

#4 is moving outta Philly and back to the Left Coast…and the sun…

#5 is turning 29. Why is that great? I’m not 30 yet!

#6 is the beginning of my very own business. More to come on this later.

January itself will start off quite exciting as I am getting installment #4 on the mural that is my tattoo tomorrow. On Sunday, I leave for a balmy 13 days at sunny Fort Sam Houston for my Officer Basic Course. You can’t believe how excited I am to see 75 degree weather! As soon as I get home, I will be hitting the ground running as I have one day of work that right back into school. Unfortunately, I will be a week behind in my classes due to the Army, but that first week is always tedious.

Although the first day of the new year isn’t even complete yet, I feel as though I have to start planning on February already.

Well, I wish everyone a SAFE and happy new year. I hope it is filled with prosperity, health, and luck for all of you. (especially you Mark!)