Best Christmas Ever

This has to be one of the best holiday seasons that I have ever had. Why you ask?

Where do I begin? This is the first year I have actually had the money to shop for my family and friends. There is just something about buying other people gifts that makes me so happy. I am sure that Patrick gets sick of me jumping around saying that I bought him something soooo cooool this year! I get so excited to see someone open their gifts I am almost out of control. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be home in Michigan or California this year, but it was incredible to hear my nephew banging away at the present I sent him. My sister-in-law sounded so excited about her gift that I am still smiling about it. I think the best, however, was my sister’s boyfriend. I haven’t had anyone say thank you in that genuine of a way in a long time. I could have Christmas every month and it would make me happy. If I had kids, they would definitely be too spoiled!

Did I mention that I got an incredible watch from Patrick? I take after my Uncle Mike in my love for watches. I’m sure I will have quite a collection by the time I am old and drooly.

On a sobering note, I almost lost my mom in a really terrible car accident a few days ago. Fortunately she had on her seat belt and the other side of the Jimmy was hit. My sister Sarah and I couldn’t even discuss what we would have done had she been hurt worse. We choked up too much just at the passing thought of life without her.

On a happier note, I heard from friends all over the world. Korea, Canada, Iraq and Michigan all sent email or called. (Happy Birthday Andy!) I can’t wait until everyone is home safe and sound.

Although I am away from everyone, a friend once said that all it takes is time and a plane ticket. As soon as school is over, I will have so much of both that everyone will be sick of picking me up from the airport!

Next year I will be sending greetings from the beach, and cannot wait. Until then, I will be studying (procrastinating) and wading through another 2 semesters of school.