Bad Day

My heart is definately not in what I am doing right now. The main story tonight is about the helicopter crashes in Mosul. link

It doesn’t matter how many days and months have passed, each time something like this happens my heart aches. I bought new uniforms yesterday. I spent time looking at my EFMB and crewmember wings wishing I were back doing the job I lived for.

Now, I wait for the emails coming from across the world from my friends who are able to serve our country. Thank you guys. Oh yeah, and thanks to the Canadians too 🙂 I miss being beside you guys.

  1. Just wanted to say that you made me want to cry with the memories of Danny. I also wanted to brag that I bagged a nice four point buck about noon on opening day. Big deer….not much for a rack. I do have to say that I missed a large buck about two hours earlier. Too quick for me and my trusty twelve guage! Meat for the table!!

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